Baturin Group

We design digital products:

websites, services and apps.

We do it all on a monthly subscription basis.

It's simple. Convenient. Predictable. Reasonable.

Baturin Group's Special Offers
Choose the right option for you depending on the scope of your product
Small product / Startup
— All Web&UI Design Services You Need
— Delivery Every 2 Weeks
— Flexible Scope
— Adjust to the Agile Rhythm of Your Developers
4400 2800€
Per Month
Your Design Department
— All Web&UI Design Services You Need
— Product UX & Structural Ideation
— Weekly Delivery
— Flexible Scope
— Adjust to the Agile Rhythm of Your Developers
— Weekends Support
6500 4900€
Per Month
Brand Identity Package
— Product or Company Logo
— Fixed List of Deliverables
— Up to 1 Month of Work
— On-time Payment
4500 3400€
50% at the start and 50% when the job is delivered
We design anything

Websites, exhibitions, advertising campaigns. Logos, corporate identity, design systems, etc., etc.
UX: Solution development

We work through all user scenarios to achieve maximum conversions (literally: to grow your profit)
UI: Interface design

We make the product beautiful, aesthetically appropriate to the time, adding charm and the touch of style
Expertise of interfaces

We do a detailed analysis of your website, application or service: we identify bugs, describe methods for fixing them
Landing Page Web Design
for MzeroA
We are proud of our work and the success our clients have achieved with the help of the Baturin Group. We are equally pleased when our work is recognised by the professional community.
One of our clients, the Rusprofile portal, has already won three Tagline Awards.
The first, a bronze in the internet services category, was received in 2019 after the portal was relaunched with our new design.

In 2022, Rusprofile received two more awards: silver in the highload projects category and bronze again in the online services category, already in the second design version with added features and a changed strategy.

See Rusprofile cases in our portfolio:
  1. Redesign and relaunch of the information portal
  2. Transition from an advertising model to a subscription service
  • Highload projects
    2022, Silver
  • Internet-services
    2022, Bronze
  • Internet-services
    2019, Bronze
Logo and Web-Design
for Real Estate Service
What Our Clients Are Saying About Us
  • Ilya Moshin
    Founder, Rusprofile.ru
    It has been a pleasure to work with the guys and we continue to do so. It's hard to highlight the merits - there are too many of them. But perhaps the most important thing for us is the deep understanding of the product and the initiative of the Baturin Group. This is rare among designers!
  • Our Favourite Review
    An official who wished to remain incognito
    There are designers out there who make it look good all at once! Such a relief, really.
  • Denis Kruchkov
    Founder, Habrahabr
    Pavel (Pasha) Baturin can be given tasks at the level of "I don't know exactly what I want yet, but it has to be something that looks like the tangle of weaves that makes up Habr". Pasha guesses. That's how the Hubr logo turned out. Pasha has that very "flair". Thanks to him for that!
  • Daniil Kislov
    Founder, Ferghana News
    Pavel Baturin is a very interesting person and a true professional. We worked for several months on a new website for the Fergana news agency, and I am exceptionally pleased that I was able to use Pavel's team services.
  • Alexey Nazarov
    Ex CCO B2C NetByNet
    Pavel is straightforward and honest. The UX audit report on our service, which he conducted, was harsh and ruthless, but also led to changes, primarily in the heads of product specialists and marketing.
    This all combined to form a new view, and ultimately led to growth in both subscriber base and revenue.
  • Vladimir Sinitsyn
    Have you read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rational Thought? Make sure you do! If writing about Pavel Baturin and his Baturin Group, then this book is just about him! He is a smart, talented professional who loves his job, and he selects the same kind of staff for his company. We are very pleased to have worked with this team on a conceptual large-scale website redesign.
    It's very important that this team doesn't give up on projects. If any pitfalls or rework come up, they'll meet you halfway and finish it even a year later. In a word, you can rely on Pasha and his team. Also, it is a pleasure to talk to the guys ;)
  • It seems to be you!
    Our new client
    The sooner we start making your project, the sooner it will start making you and your users happy!