& Brand Identity Design
for CarbonSifr

Brand Identity Design Project

Idea generation
We came up with a few ideas and the team chose the best option, the "kite" (described below)
Style development
We designed the main version of the logo, color options and style elements to use in different mediums
Deliverables Design
We've developed ready-made designs for dozens of mediums, from business cards to car branding
Style Usage Guidelines
To make it easy for future implementors to use our designs, we have created instructions for all possible cases

Climate Action,
At Scale

The CarbonSifr's slogan
CarbonSifr is a climate-tech company headquartered in the UAE. Dedicated to the integration of climate action into everyday life, they provide tech-enabled solutions to measure, reduce and remove carbon footprint of businesses. Recognized for its efforts, CarbonSifr plays a pivotal role in promoting climate awareness and accelerating climate action in the Middle East. CarbonSifr is also a member of the UAE Carbon Alliance, a coalition focused on advancing carbon markets in the region.

For more information, visit: https://carbonsifr.com
CarbonSifr means "Zero Carbon." And the digit 0 (zero) in Arabic looks a lot like a kite. And it is a beautiful symbol of lightness, environmental friendliness and freedom of flight. Therefore, the main idea for the logo was a kite.

Identity Guide

Take a look on some fragments of the Identity Guide we've made for CarbionSifr

Outdoor Advertising Design

Among other things, we have prepared design templates for outdoor advertising

Branded car & souvenirs

Even in these digital times, it's a good idea for a company to have its own merchandise

Design for A4 folder & the template for leaflet

We have prepared CarbonSifr for participation in industry events including international exhibitions

Thank you, gents!

Baturin Group would like to thank Thijs Van Dam for his invaluable assistance with the project. We would also like to thank Onur, Yildirim and Mustafa for their trust and professionalism.
And as a bonus, we designed plastic cards for a loyalty system that may one day appear.