Давайте поговорим?
Расскажите о проекте, который хотите сделать и будьте готовы к нашему звонку или письму в самое ближайшее время!
Не держите в себе, высказывайтесь!
Ваша информация охраняется Законом о защите персональных данных. Отправляя форму, вы подтверждаете, что согласны с тем, что мы получим и запомним всё, что вы напишете.

How things get done

At least in the form of a list of questions
You set the task
So that we can understand what it is all about and what the main pain of your business is.
We offer and discuss options with you
We design the solution
This will formulate the desired image of the future product
When we understand everything about a future project
We DESIGN screens
In all necessary resolutions — for smartphones and computers
We send the result to your developers
We provide author's supervision
So that the finished project does not lose anything in the process

Strategic Design Studio

We are the best thing that has happened to you in design today, here are the proofs:
With its experience in the design market, the Baturin Group offers its clients a rare range of expertise, from product strategies to project design for all types of media
Expert level
Our award-winning experience in both graphic design and user interface design provides our customers with an evolutionary change in the quality of their products, increasing their customer loyalty
We offer work at flexible subscription rates. You'll never have a problem with priorities changing during the process or your design studio insisting that you stick to your old job description. We know that life is unpredictable and are prepared for your priorities to change during the process.
Operating in the competitive design services market for many years, we focus on the fact that design is not about creativity, but about service, not about the designer's self-assertion, but about maximising value for our client. In essence, we are not competing with other studios, but with your in-house design department. Because we do exactly the same thing. But it is more profitable with us than maintaining and managing a non-core department.

Pavel Baturin
Expert in design:
from identity
to UI and UX
Pavel has managed the design and interfaces in projects such as the Russian State Services Portal, Stream-TV, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Ministry of Health, Moyo. tv, the logos of Habr.ru, Kremlevsky Bank and many other companies and projects. In general, successfully engaged in commercial design for many years.

And in 2017 he has set up a studio.