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Redesign of the information project


Ежедневно 500 000 человек приходят сюда, чтобы узнать информацию о российских юридических лицах, проверить контрагентов, ознакомиться с новостями об индивидуальных предпринимателях и физических лицах, имеющих доли в компаниях.
Bronze in Best Service Design nomination
Tagline Awards 2019
The challenge: to structure the flow of information, to make it user-friendly and design modular.

Baturin Group had to calculate the grid and create a modular design system that gives each new block of information its own form and place in the overall structure.

All the company essentials are now organised into a handy dashboard that displays everything important and relevant in a compact format.
Rusprofile shows data on every company in the Russian Federation. The information is collected from all official sources and is therefore unpredictable in scope and content
Plus attributes
Dashboard — new company card: all up-to-date information
If something important happens to the company, it is immediately noticeable
For comparison, this is what this page looked like before
We ve developed the principles of micro-animations to add some empathy to a dry information service. These elements also save space and give feedback on user action.

Detailed instructions for developers and front-end
on how to implement the design system
We have made over three hundred different types of layouts, elements and their combinations
(Yes, designers work hard too, what did you think?)
If you start adding empathy and animation, you have to go all the way. You can't just leave any element unattended.
Baturin Group's working principle: everything must be beautiful in a project!

Of course, the homepage has also been redesigned.
Only 5% of RusProfile users come here, but that's no reason to forget about it, is it?
Of course, all our work would be pointless without an adaptive version for mobile devices. Yes, all those hundreds of screens, elements and combinations.

The whole design system is adaptive.

We make our own special micro-animations for mobile devices. Simply because we can.

To be continued.

Baturin Group would like to thank Ilya and Dima for adequacy, trust and courage. Rare qualities among Russian clients.

You ve got to see how great Rusprofile.ru looks after our redesign!
Soon (spoiler):
Private Office
Paid services
Advertising system