Fergana News Agency

Fergana News Agency Rebranding

A media that has been hardened for twenty years in countries that did not welcome a free press.
Fergana news agency was founded in 1998. Thanks to its relevance, responsiveness and independence it quickly gained a reputation as one of the few sources of truthful information about events in Central Asia. Despite endless harassment, blockades and censorship, Fergana has been the main independent media outlet covering news in the region for more than 20 years.

For Fergana's anniversary Baturin Group put together a completely new identity system. The process, as always, went from playing with shapes to working with meanings. We did some design work. But graphics are not as important as clarity. The logo should not just tell the ideology of the news outlet but also contain references to the historical environment in which the paper developed. This is how steel was hardened.

Confrontation and will, simplicity of presentation, relevance and succinctness - Fergana should be recognizable both on the internet, and on press cards, and other media. And the meaning of the logo must be readable in all languages and cultural contexts.

Fergana's new logo: when iron is more than a chemical element
We made a new logo for Fergana, assembled a business printing package, the new logo was extended to signboards and promotional products of our own cultural centre, to all the necessary journalistic paraphernalia. And, of course, the new website and mobile news app.