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We've got a lot of customers to serve, and not always that means working on large and global tasks. Often our favourite customers need local updates, one pictures and stuff like that.

It's not trivial, but not every job can have a separate, detailed case with all the nuances. But you still want to show these things, because clients love them, use them and have paid for them. So here is a whole page with an assortment of these important little things.
Prototype for a multiplayer intelligent association game for iOS
Dental clinic logo
Barber shop logo
Presentation of the corporate travel service
Logo for corporate travel service
Folder design for dental clinic
Online hypermarket stickers
Key visuals for the tour advertising campaign
A prototype of an online medical service
Music school website, signing up for classes
A set of slimes product line logos
Music school website, events listings
Tour operator logo redesign
Functional flowchart of the healthcare webservice
Key Visual of the tour
Presentation of the health insurance development concept, cover
School meal order form, option for several children in different schools
Blockchain project header redesign to increase conversions
Event poster at the cultural centre
Scheme of the website to be handed over to the developers
Poster for the mono-performance
A project to use the logo in reality