Baturin Group presents: FlipZip

Design of an online hypermarket for spare parts for power tools. We made the logo, corporate identity, website design with a complex and large catalogue, and by inertia designed the branded packaging and the entire UX.
Strict but bright
The same QR code for the customer — delivery note, warranty card and receipt, for the warehouse employee — logistics marker, and for the sales manager — shipping address and order number

Shop? Aggregator? Sort of.

- Suppliers: thousands
- Categories: hundreds
- Roles: dozens
- Goods: millions
- Nesting levels: up to ten

Well... Why not!

Browser chat helps you get in touch with an available adviser instantly
We assembled a clickable prototype for the tests. It was sent to several market players who regularly buy power tools and spare parts, and a few ordinary users also took part in the test.
Prototype testing